10+ years of excellence in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting quality-checked jute products around the globe. Discover the highest-grade assured jute goods at your fingertips.
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Why Mazeda Jute is reliable?

We can’t ignore the urgency of preserving the ecological balance for a safer world. Polybags and polymers have already caused damage to our planet. To heal the earth, we supply different Jute goods that are 100% eco-friendly.

High-Quality Products

We utilize the highest-grade jute fiber to ensure that our products are sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting. We also offer custom-made products depending on your demands.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Jute goods are recognized as eco-friendly for a multitude of reasons, including their biodegradability, low carbon footprint, and low water and energy use during manufacture.

Ethical Practices

We follow ethical practices in all aspects. We source our raw materials from local farmers and use fair labor practices to ensure that our employees are treated well and produce top-quality Jute goods.

International Standards

We maintain our products following international standards so that we can ensure the best quality products deliverable to our clients.

Decades of Experience

Our 10+ years of expertise in providing jute products worldwide has been a journey filled with passion, commitment, and excellence.

Quick Delivery

At Mazeda Jute, we understand the importance of timely shipping, which is why we pride ourselves on our lightning-fast shipping. So that you can recieve your products in a faster way.

Trusted by 40+ Nations for Authenticity and Quality

Mazeda Jute is one of the leading jute product manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Bangladesh. Our eco-friendly and reusable jute products are designed to help businesses around the world reduce their environmental impact while enjoying the vast benefits of jute. We export our quality jute goods such as jute food grade bags, jute ropes, and diversified jute products. As per your unique business requirements, we supply and export our quality jute products in 40+ countries and 80+ port destinations. Contact us today for a quote and find out how we can help your business succeed with eco-friendly and high-quality jute goods.

Explore Our Jute Products

Looking for the best jute goods supplier that meets your needs?
We have listed our top-quality jute items below to assist you in selecting the best match for your preferences.

Jute Sack Bags

Jute sacks are made from jute fibers, considered one of the highest-quality jute fibers available. These sacks are solid and durable.

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Jute Hessian Cloth

Looking for a versatile and environmentally friendly fabric that evokes a sense of rustic charm? At Mazeda Jute, we have quality jute hessian cloth with different uses.

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Jute Yarn

Mazeda Jute provide different types of jute yarns with top-quality. Discover our collections of jute yarn on your demand.

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Jute Rope

Jute rope is ideal for use in gardening, construction, crafting, and more. Its strength and durability make it perfect for tying up plants or securing items during transportation.

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Jute Hessian Bag

Made from natural jute fibers, these bags are both durable and environmentally friendly. They're perfect for carrying groceries, books, or any other items you need to transport.

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Jute Food Grade Bag

Made from the finest jute materials, our bags are both durable and eco-friendly, making them the perfect choice for any conscientious consumer.

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Get Top-Quality Jute Products From Mazeda Jute

Browse our collections of jute materials available in a variety of sizes and bulk quantities, all at reasonable pricing. We produce jute products that meet your demands without sacrificing quality or design.

🌿 Materials that can save the planet

Jute is a miracle fiber that’s affordable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. That’s why jute is called the ‘Golden Fiber’. Its versatility makes it a favorite among businesses and consumers with jute bags, sacks, and decorative items in high demand.

By choosing jute, we can make a difference in the world and contribute to the effort to keep our environment safe, clean, and fresh.

Let’s take responsibility for preserving our planet’s natural resources and embrace jute as a solution for sustainable living.


Life Cycle Of The "Golden Fiber"

Selecting the best grade jute is not a simple task. It requires carefully choosing healthy jute plants, nurturing them using the most effective ways, and processing the fiber to assure its quality and lifespan. The ultimate product, however, is truly astounding: jute fiber is recyclable and ecologically beneficial, encouraging natural balance and sustainability.

How do we work?

We work with our customers in a precise way in order to gain trust and achieve 100% satisfaction. Our work approach can create an easy roadmap to meet your demands.

Primary Discussion

We will discuss with the buyer about the quantity and types of products they need. Inquiries on requirements from both ends can help us make the right decision.

Price Negotiation

In this step, we will talk about pricing and negotiate if needed. We always try to keep the pricing standard. Pricing varies on the buyer’s quantity and requirements.

Work order

After fixing up the pricing we will expect the final work order from the buyer. This will be the confirmation of the final order.

Invoice Issuance

Our sales team will provide buyer an invoice with the total payable amount. The payment will be as per the discussion or negotiation.


The buyer will release the payment according to the invoice so that we can start taking the necessary steps to ship the products.


We will do the shipment and the products will leave our warehouse. And finally, the product will be delivered to our buyer.

A Sneak Peek At Our Photo Gallery

Throughout the last couple of decades, we have gathered some amazing memories. We are serving a better future with our eco-friendly jute products. Our existence in this industry made us one of the leading jute product manufacturers and suppliers in Bangladesh. Also, we are a pioneer exporter of jute goods in 40+ countries.

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